How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card In Pennsylvania

Several years ago, the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program was signed into law. Pennsylvania was actually the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana in the United States. At the current moment, we are at number 34! However, not many people in Pennsylvania have gone and received their medical marijuana card. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that the medical marijuana program in this state is somewhat complicated and strenuous. Many people do not want to take the time and effort necessary to apply for their medical card.

However, it is becoming more and more apparent that cannabis has great healing properties and health benefits, and can treat and manage a variety of health conditions and chronic diseases. Because of this, I am an advocate for everyone having access to a medical mariuajana card if they can. So if you live in Pennsylvania, I am writing this article to help you apply and obtain your very own medical marijuana card. For many people that are currently using other prescribed medications to treat their health conditions or manage their pain symptoms, transitioning to a new drug can be a bit scary, especially if you aren’t quite sure how your body will react. However, marijuana is much more natural than other medications and has way less side effects than a lot of other prescription medications that are available. Not to mention, they are much better for your body and less addictive than pain meds like opioids, which causes thousands of deaths in the United States per year. If you are someone who is ready to try a different type of medical treatment and are waiting for the right time or opportunity, let this article be a sign for you to go out and apply for your medical card today! So without further ado, let’s talk about how medical patients in Pennsylvania can apply for their card.

The first thing that you need to check for before getting your medical marijuana card is that you qualify under the list of health conditions listed by the state of Pennsylvania. When the program initially launched in 2016, there were 17 different health conditions that made the list. Now, there are 21 qualifying health conditions that can allow you to receive legal medical marijuana treatment options. Some of these conditions include autism, epilepsy, crohn’s disease, IBD, Parkinson’s Disease, and others that I do not feel like listing. You can check out the list of qualifying conditions for yourself on their website, so go check it out if you need to. If you have a condition that does not fall under the list to qualify in the state of Pennsylvania, you are not able to apply for your medical marijuana card.

However, you can petition for your condition to be added to the list and hopefully you can find a way to get the treatment you need. Making an appointment with your primary care physician or family doctor will be the quickest way to determine if you qualify for medical cannabis. In addition to having the qualifying conditions, your doctor also needs to make sure that you do not have any factors that could cause risk from using medical marijuana. Certain respiratory or cardiovascular problems can be problematic for people using marijuana, and your doctor can also compare what medications you are taking currently that may be ineffective after using cannabis. If you do qualify and your doctor approves, you will be referred by the doctor and cleared for the next steps to get your medical marijuana card.

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