What cannabis Is 

If you’re someone who is curious about cannabis, you might wonder what exactly these differences are, and what they mean. In this, you’ll learn a little bit about cannabis, what it is, and the history of such.

The history of this 

Cannabis is something that’s been around for thousands of years, dating as far back as 7500 years ago, within the east Asia area, and some have discovered this even further back. Ancient Egyptians have actually documented any sort of usage of this in their texts, including their medical texts that go all the way back to over 1500 BC.  They also continued to use this every now and then. Within the 1600s, hemp was utilized for paper, canvases, rope, cloth, and even used with sails. It helped many economies too, including Jamestown, and a lot of farmers there grew this hemp to help out with selling it to different places.

Even George Washington grew it.  Ben Franklin actually used hemp in the paper mills initially, to use it to make some parchment paper.  It’s even been theorized that the hemp paper was used to draft the Declaration of Independence.  There was a difference in cannabis and hemp, but this was not found until the year 1753.

That was when they used this even more, and hemp was even used as a cash crop because of how useful it became as a medicine. But even as we started to learn more about this, things changed.  Marijuana got introduced, but the problem was, people just thought that it was a bad chemical, and in `1937, hemp was then made illegal. Through many efforts, it’s been properly made legal in certain states, but here is a little bit about what cannabis is. 

What Exactly is Cannabis? 

Cannabis is more than just good old weed. It’s basically a group of plants that are flowering that belong to a family called the Cannabacae family.  This is one that has buds, especially in the female plants, and these buds are filled with some delta-9 THC, and this is basically what offers the high feeling. 

Some do assume that marijuana was actually put there for those who were against the name of cannabis, since the name seems different, and some thought that it might be illegal to enjoy, and something that you shouldn’t have.

This is something that’s commonly mixed up, and marijuana hasn’t even been around in our language for that long, which is why some prefer using the word cannabis than marijuana.

Is it Legal? 

This ultimately depends on where you are in the country. There are states that have legalized it, but on a federal level, it’s illegal, considered to be a Schedule 1 substance. 

This differs based on states, and some of them have even put together medical programs that allow you to use cannabis to treat medical conditions.

Medical marijuana is basically cannabis that fits this criteria. There are places where, provided the person is over the age of 18 and qualifies for this, can get medical marijuana, and they can get the cannabis directly from dispensaries too.

In general, this is provided at dispensaries.  The cannabis that you get from medical dispensaries rather than recreational actually don’t really vary.  The difference though, is the use of this, and usually, recreational marijuana requires the user to be over the age of 21.

In general, cannabis is a substance that’s still being studied, and tons of people are looking to possibly change the way that they regard it. you learned here all about cannabis, the benefits and how it can possibly help.