Weed Tolerance Breaks 

While medical cannabis might not be like normal drugs, all in all, cannabis still is considered a drug, and just like alcohol, caffeine, and the like, the body builds up tolerances. That resistance does create a need for more to get the same types of effects. The main way to fix this is a tolerance break.  This is when you just don’t use it, naturally lowering the tolerance so you don’t have too much of this.  There really isn’t any risk, but it can create a dependance. 

For a lot of heavy users, they may find themselves using moon rocks, dabs, or even pure THC to get the effects. This is a huge money drainer, and it can make you feel dependent on it, and even can harm the effects of it too.  Weed isn’t toxic, there are some negative side effects that happen when you start to use it too much.  How long should the brakes be though? What can you try to do so that withdrawal isn’t too bad?  Well, let’s look. 

Start Using It Less 

A good way for you to start using weed less and lowering tolerance, is to start using it less.  Cold turkey isn’t the best solution for users in the long term, but a small break works.  Having a break lowers the symptoms and offers better bounce backs when you’re ready to have it more. Using it less is pretty good. Sometimes, even a small break is easy to do too.  Use it in smaller amounts, or maybe every other day to see if it works. 

Microdose this 

If you’re someone who likes to use it, you might want to try microdosing this.  This is basically where you use it a very small amount, managing pain, offering treatments, and is good for not pushing for high tolerances. up to 5 mg of edibles is usually good, because you’ll get the cannabinoids in small amounts, but you’ll also be able to reduce your tolerance as well.

Tinctures, edibles, even small pills of THC are good ways to microdose on this too. 

Use it Differently 

Macro of marijuana with trichomes and crushed weed and rolled joint in a grinder for chopping a canapis on a black table close up

Another thing that you can do, is use it different. If you smoke weed often, using edibles will change the way that the body is able to process the cannabinoids.  And it offers a way for you to improve your experience. You can try using tinctures and edibles, as it offers more cannabinoid engagement. Plus, the body will metabolize this differently, and it’s consumed in a way that offers a lot of different effects. This is good so you can consume less, and also take a chance as well to understand how the body reacts, giving you an opportunity to take breaks, and also break that habit as well. 

How to lower this fast 

The best way to lower this is abstaining for like a week or so.It’s been found that when you do abstain, the drop is quite pronounced, as the body starts to upregulate the CB1 within two or so days. The more time that you spend not using this though, the lower the tolerance starts to get, and the more you won’t have bad effects.

The best way to do this, is to take breaks every so often, so that you can control the tolerance, and also, not take too much THC that happens as well over time. by increasing this effectiveness, you also will notice that you feel better. Exercising allows you to boost the metabolism, burn fat, so remember, you’ll also get rid of THC too. Also, make sure to drink more water.